John is available to give the following Print Lectures:

Developing a Photographic Style
How to create your own unique approach to photography, illustrated using a mixture of darkroom and digital images.

Starting with a number of darkroom prints, this talk concentrates on how monochrome can be used to develop mood and atmosphere.

Candid Portraiture & Street Photography
In this lecture I share with you my love of photographing people. We look at Folk Festivals, Pony Sales, Heritage Railways and just the local streets around us.

Working on a Theme
I have always enjoyed working on a theme, some of these themes have been central to my work for more than 20 years. In this lecture we discover the joy of viewing photographs in groups of 3, 5 or more rather than as individuals.

Landscape and People
A PDI Talk which can be delivered by zoom, developed as a result of the corona virus pandemic.

With my wife Di, the following lectures are available:

Life after Slides

Inspiration & Perspiration

Photography in Cold Places

Two Pairs of Eyes

Canada Revisited